Citations and Content

Make sure where you list the name of your business on-line or wherever anyone else has listed it that everything in each is that the same because the alternative. which means the name, number, contact, address, etc. between all listings is that the same, not similar.Google likes specific content, thus keep topics clear and on purpose. conjointly check that on the average your content is over 600 words per page otherwise you risk it being penalized as skinny. URLs Make sure your website URLs are absolute and not relative in your code. They should not be too long and contain multiple question parameters. If they have to be rewritten, you have got rewritten them. The EL Attribute Use this tag properly, but use it. It belongs on each image on your website (sometimes it will be empty). Page Speed Check your website on the Google Page Speed tool. Speed matters particularly in mobile. Get your website score higher than associate degree 85-90.

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