Technical Education

Education can be divided into three parts. Education that teaches us how to live in society is called social education. Education that develops our personality may be termed as Spiritual Education . The education that teaches us how to earn or living is named as professional education . Vocational Education . Technical education is a branch of vocational Education. It is education that deals with some practical of mechanical art. It includes training in trade, commerce agriculture, medicine and engineering. Technical education is very important in the modern age . It produces engineers, builders, doctors and mechanics. Through technical education we can increase the material resources of our country promotes the material prosperity and economic advancement. . It imparts quickness, attention, neatness and order in the workers. It create faith in the “Dignity of labour”. If a country has her own technical experts, she can save a lot of foreign, exchange. In short, Technical education makes a country rich prosperous and resourceful. In Pakistan there is lack of Technical Education our school and colleges produce clerk. Our young men run after office jobs. They hate to learn practical skill. Poverty in Pakistan is due to the neglect of Technical Education . Our country is rich in raw material . We do not technical knowledge to benefits from them in this respect we must take two steps first more and more technical institution should set up secondly the idea of dignity should be popularized.

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